Karen Noe Design is a yarn company located in Denmark.

At Karen Noe Design we have a passion for yarn, good knitwear design and all the colours! 
We want to share our love of fibres with knitters and yarnaholics worldwide, and we believe that the best way to do so is by offering a wide range of yarns in the best possible qualities.

We carefully hand pick the very best yarns from all over the world, of course made from natural fibres. 
Silks, linens, cottons, wools – and some exotic fibres as well.
 Yarns for handknitting should be of supreme quality. The time and effort a knitter puts into his or her work deserves materials of the very best kind – and we aim to provide just that for our customers.

The spinning and most of the dying is done by our suppliers, but some of our wool yarns are being dyed in house.

Our own dyeing expert has developed a beautiful and very special palette, consisting of more than 35 semisolid shades. The dyes she uses are non-toxic and very light- and washfast.

Over the years we have created many knitwear patterns, and we continue to do so every day. Designing beautiful knitwear patterns for knitters of all skill levels is a cornerstone in our daily business. Honestly, we just can’t help it – the ideas keep coming!

Karen Noe Design has been in the yarn business for more than 20 years. We have the experience and expertice.
Our products can be found in all well-assorted yarn shops in Denmark and Europe.

We have an awesome new presentation video on YouTube! Please check it out.